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Datalogic  provides the widest range of photoelectric sensors for universal and applications specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection

, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.

Proximity switch Sensor


  • Flush , Non Flush
  • Sensing : 2,3 mm
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC
  • Connect : Cable , ConM8
  • Housing: Stanless,Nickle


  • Flush , Non Flush
  • Sensing : 4,8 mm
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC
  • Connect : Cable , ConM12
  • Housing: Stanless,Nickle


  •  Flush , Non Flush
  •  Sensing : 8,14 mm
  •  output : PNP, NPN, NO, NC
  •  Connect : Cable , ConM12
  •  Housing : Stanless, Nickle


  • Flush , Non Flush
  • Sensing : 15,20 mm
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC
  • Connect : Cable , ConM12
  • Housing: Stanless,Nickle

 Square 40X40

  • Flush , Non Flush
  • Sensing : 15,30 mm
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC
  • Connect : Cable , ConM12
  • Housing: Plastic (PBT Resin)

Fiber Optic Sensor

Contrast Sensor


  • Teach-in setting
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Display version
  • M8 4-pole or cable version
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC


  • RGB emission
  • Teach-in push-button
  • 30KHz switching frequency
  • M12 5-pole or cable version
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC   


  • RGB emission
  • Teach-in push-button
  • 15KHz switching frequency
  • M12 5-pole or cable version
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC

Colour Sensor

Luminescence Sensor


  • White emission
  • Teach-in push-button
  • 30KHz switching frequency
  • M12 5-pole or cable version
  • RS485 serial interface  


  • UV power emission
  • Teach-in push-button
  • 2KHz switching frequency
  • M12 5-pole or cable version
  • output : PNP,NPN,NO,NC

Machine Vision  


              The Datalogic machine vision product line encompasses both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements. A complete offer of products and solutions ranging from simple vision sensors up to smart cameras and embedded vision systems.


  • Compact dimensions (70 x           52   x 40 mm)
  • TheVGA resolution guarantees high quality images
  • The wide range of controls
  • The Advanced models (AOR) integrate

 A&T Series

  • High performance Smart Camera series
  • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure
  • Up to 5Mpix grey-scale imager
  • Built-in digital I/Os and Serial interface
  • Gbit Ethernet Port

 P Series

  • Fully integrated ultra-compact device
  • Rotating connectors for 0°& 90° form
  • factor
  • Rugged IP67 rated housing
  • VGA and 1.3 megapixel resolutions

           Interchangeable lenses,

           illuminators   and filters

  • Built-in Serial and Ethernet interfaces Powered by Impact Lite software



Datalogic offers a complete line of type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains for machine safeguarding and access control in dangerous areas, with basic and advanced functions, such as integrated muting, override, blanking, cascadable, configurable models.



  • 19 m operating distance
  • Reduced response times(from 8 to 24 ms)
  • Rotating brackets
  • SG-IP69K protection 

  Safety Controller

  • 2  OSSD redundant safety outputs
  • 2 NO redundant force guided relays outputs
  • Compact dimensions
  • Extremely rapid and easy mounting, cabling and configuration
  • Integrated safety functions  

Datalogic Scanner Barcode

1D&2D Barcode Reader     


 Identification products automate the identification process of products based upon the reading of barcodes, analysis of images, and profiling of items. They are used in a wide range of applications and machines. from the reading of barcodes on medication to ensure patient safety, to the scanning of dimensions of parcels to ensure accurate billing, identification products are behind many of the everyday processes that keeps the global economy running.                

Laser Scanner


  • Straight and 90° output window
  • 500-1000scan/sec
  • 2 input + 2 output
  • RS232 + RS485 serial port
  • ID-NET™
  • 10-30Vdc, IP65, 0-50° C
  • Genius platform
  • Typical reading range: 50 - 300mm


  •  Dynamic focus system (FLASHTM)
  • Avalanche photodiode technology
  • 600-1200scan /sec
  • 4 input + 3 output
  • RS232 + RS485 serial port
  • Built in: Ethernet or Profibus or Device net
  • ACR4 decoding algorithm!
  • Typical reading range: 500 x 2000mm


  • Variable focus system
  • 600-900scan /sec
  • 2 input + 2 output
  • RS232 + RS485 serial port
  • Display and multi-language messages
  • X-PRESS™
  • 10-30Vdc, IP65, 0-50°C
  • ACR4 decoding algorithm
  • Typical reading range: 200 - 1000mm


  • ACR™-4 code reconstruction algorithm
  • ASTRA™ technology for the electronic focusing system
  • PACKTRACK™ to minimize the gap between objects and increase system productivity
  • GENIUS™ multi-language SW for easy scanner configuration/setup
  • Built-in Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring and control by Datalogic

Image Capture Scanner


  • High performance on dynamic reading applications
  • Integrated Ethernet
  • Ultra compact dimensions
  • Direct and 90° window models for smart mounting
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked and Postal symbologies
  • X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
  • Optical aiming system
  • 10 to 30Vdc power supply
  • USB connectivity
  • ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity
  • Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
  • Run Time Self Tuning for higher flexibility


  • Linear CCD Technology
  • Excellent Reading performance on bad label codes
  • High Scan Rate @320 scans/sec
  • Very high resolution codes up to 3 mils
  • Serial and USB standard Interface
  • IP64 protection class enclosure
  • Scan Engine module version
  • Easy set up  and Programming Bar Code Labels


  • Ultra-compact reader, rotating connector system
  • High performance DPM reading
  • Profinet-IO communication embedded
  • Both manual and electronic focus control option
  • Integrated dual illuminator: dark field/bright field
  • Fast and high resolution image sensor: 1.3 megapixels, ‘true’ 60 frame/s
  • Packtrack 2D for short object gapping
  • Power over Ethernet Option
  • Extreme Industrial grade: IP67, 0-50°C operating temperature
  • Precise dual laser aiming system


  • Patented ultra-fast strobed lighting with stable effect for operator
  • Patent Pending Packtrack 2D for short object gapping in sortation applications
  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity, with common protocol support: PROFINET IO, ETHERNET/IP, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP.
  • On board image storage saving, up to 3.000 image (scaled).
  • External connection box with parameter back up memory and display
  • Single reading point or multiple device in cluster, through simple configuration
  • Laser pointing system, good read Green Spot, focusing aiming system
  • Remote, web-based WebSentinel supervisory software with image archiving database


  • 5M pixels image sensor, 15 FPS
  • Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Connectivity
  • Adjustable focus through C-Mount lenses
  • White and Blue lighting options
  • Continuous, no-flashing Lighting
  • Colored spot indicators
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked, Postal symbologies
  • Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
  • Blue Diamonds™ aiming and focusing system
  • X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
  • ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity

Solution for Tire Sorting

STS400™ is Datalogic Automation state-of-the-art solution for tire sorting. Extremely compact and based on a self-contained structure. The solution excels in delivering top reading performance with simplicity of installation and maintenance.



  • Easy to install: 100% pre-assemle calibrating
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple and lean: simple and regulated render layout which avoids articulated mounting patterns
  • Long-term reliability: no moving on board guarantee reliability and longer life-cycle
  • Ready for the future: compatible with changing requirements such as downsizing of code heights or introduction of cd codes

Laser Marking   


Laser Marking is focused on providing top value solutions for automotive, metal tools, medical, electronics and packaging.  Datalogic offers high level technology in marking equipment based on FIBER, DPSS, GREEN, UV and CO2 lasers