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  • Incremental
  • Absolute  Singleturn
  • Absolute  Multi-turn
  • Draw Wire
  • Connection Technology

Transmission Technology

Slip Rings

Flexible and rugged

  • Modular construction system, load and signal/data channels can be combined as desired.
  • Rugged GFPC housing (glass-reinforced polycarbonate), 30% glass-fibre content for industrial usage.
  • Long service life and long maintenance cycles.


Reliable with Safety-Trans™ Design

  • Two-cavity system for load and signal transmission.
  • Labyrinth seal.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Fieldbus signals such as Profibus, CANopen etc. up to 12 Mbit/sec


Counting Technology

Pulse Counters

Electromechanical and electronic counters.


Preset Counters

Easy control of count, time and rate.


Hour Meters / Timers

Electromechanical and electronic timer.


Time Preset Counters

Electromechanical and electronic preset hour meters.


Frequency Meters / Tachometers

With or without limits.


Position Displays

Programmable for many applications.


Energy-Time Counter

Energy and hour meter.


Multifunction Devices

Multifunction displays and Display counters with dual functions.


Functional Safety


  • Safety Encoder
  • Safety - M Compact
  • Safety - M Modular