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Switching sensors

One of our core competencies are sensors that perform their detection tasks with light in a wide range of forms. For all applications that are to be solved in this way, we are able to offer you a reliable and efficient solution from our extensive product line

3B Series


  • Active ambient light suppression
  • Application-specific, special solutions available
  • e.g. diffuse reflection scanner with elongated light spot
  • Highest functional reliability
  • Laser with autocollimation principle
  • M8 metal connector

5 Series


  • Active ambient light suppression
  • The integrated M3 metal threaded sleeves and the cable outlet
  • Large range
  • Very bright light spot

18 Series


  • Stainless steel and metal housing
  • Glass optics
  • IP 67 and IP 69K
  • Detection of PET , foil and glass

25B Series


  • IP 67 and IP 66
  • Active ambient light suppression
  • Highest performance reserve
  • Reliable function with shrink-wrapped objects or containers
  • Very bright light spot , indicator diodes visible from all sides

46B Series


  • Active ambient light suppression
  • Good operability from the optics side
  • IP 67 and IP 69K
  • Highest performance reserve
  • Reliable function with shrink-wrapped pallets
  • Very bright light spot , indicator diodes visible from all sides

55 Series


  • 316L stainless steel housing in Wash-Down-Design
  • Scratch resistant and non-diffusive plastic front cover
  • Enclosed optics design prevents bacterial carry-overs
  • Paperless device identification
  • ECOLAB and CleanProof+tested
  • Active ambient light suppression

96 Series


  • Metal or plastic housing
  • Large , dirt-resistant optical surface
  • IP 67 and IP 69K
  • Active ambient light suppression
  • Universally usable due to long operating ranges and high performance reserve
  • Connection via terminals or M12 connectors
  • Laser class1

328 Series


  • Very small construction for limited spaces
  • Available in plastic and stainless steel housing
  • Available with straight and angular optics
  • Powerful laser devices available in M18 cylindrical housing

3D sensors

Rod4plus (Area sensor)

Rod4plus (Area sensor)

Contactless laser scanners for object detection and contour measurement.

A laser measurement beam is deflected by a rotating mirror and covers an area of 190° with a radius of up to 65 m. The measurement contour is output via Ethernet or a serial interface. In addition, there are models for object detection in up to four simultaneous detection fields.



  • Area scanning distance sensor for object detection and object measurement.
  • Detection fields up to 50m
  • 8 detection field pairs
  • Config-Plug for device exchange without PC
  • Fast Ethernet : ROD4 plus
  • Laser class 1


Light section sensors measure height profiles along a projected laser line. With these sensors, objects with high resolution can be detected quickly and reliably in 3D. Depending on the model, the function range extends from simply presence monitoring to edge measurement to 3D measurement of objects



  •  Light section sensor for object detection
  • Up to 16 detection fields with logical linking option
  • Up to 16 inspection tasks
  • Length of laser line : 150…600 mm
  • Measurement value display in mm on OLED display as alignment aid
  • Laser class 2M

Special sensor

GSU14C (Forked sensor)


  • Detection of paper , transparent and metallized labels
  • Conveyor speeds up to 4 m/s
  • Simple adjustment via teach-in button or remote calibration

LV461 (Fiber optic)


  • For plastic or glass fiber optics
  • 20-turn potentionmeter for high-resolution sensitivity adjustment
  • Warning output
  • Two switches for light/dark switching and for selecting between larger range or higher switching frequency

OPSL775 (Edge detector)


  • Laser edge detector > 1.5 million newspaper copies can be counted per hour
  • Paper edges as thin as 0.1 mm
  • Functions on nearly all surfaces in a distance range of  5-150 mm



  • Beam spacing  5 / 12.5 / 25 / 50 / 100 mm
  • Operating range  5 m
  • Calibratability for optically critical objects
  • Factory-set configuration
  • Configuration software

Measuring sensors

Measuring sensors can actively check distances, position system parts and monitor other parameters in order to intelligently and independently initiate actions and, e.g., intervene in processes for control purposes. Here, you will find a large selection of technologies and designs for as efficient and fault-free system operation as possible.



  •  Available with all internationally relevant interfaces
  • Absolute measurement system with very high accuracy, tested by the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (German Metrology Institute)
  • Additional speed output and speed monitoring
  • Prefailure messages inform in good time and offer maximum device transparency
  • Simple handing due to separate fastening and alignment elements
  • Easy programming via GSD or EDS files
  • Standard M12 connections, simple and convenient
  • Compact construction size and modern design
  • Display provides information on the device status



  • Measures distances on black objects up to 30 m
  • Measures distances on bright objects as far as 65 m
  • Resolution of 1 mm over the complete measurement range
  • Transistor , Push-pull and Analog output



  • M12 standard connection via ready-made connection cables
  • Profibus DP interface
  • Integrated velocity measurement
  • Measurement accuracy up to 10,000 m at 1mm on taught-in positions
  • Very easy mounting
  • Large depth of field range provides tolerance in the event of changes in distance between bar code tape and read head

Products for safety at work

As one of the technology leaders in the area of optoelectronic safety sensors for industrial automation, we offer effective personnel protection devices in accordance with international safety standards


The immense flexibility of the safety laser scanners ROTOSCAN RS4 is the result of the independent protective/warning field pairs, which can assume any field contours as well as the ability to change over between these pairs


The RSL 400 family of safety laser scanners comprises 16 device types in four staggered operating ranges and function variants. As a result, you can always select the best scanner at the best price performance ratio – if necessary, with a scanning range of 160 square meters thanks to a scanning angle of 270° and operating range of 8.25 meters. Whether mobile or stationary – the RSL 400 family covers all conceivable applications.




The 300 series MLC safety light curtains are the latest generation of extremely slim and robust type 2 devices with slightly set back front screen and reinforced side walls. The devices are available in the Basic and Standard versions, thereby fulfilling various requirements. They can be used universally, due to metal end caps, a flexible fastening concept and the option of form-locking installation. There are also variants which have an AIDA-compliant pin assignment.



The identification of bar codes, 2D-codes and RFID transponders is among our core competencies. Complemented by other identification systems, it is our broad product range of IDENT technologies that opens up maximum flexibility to our customers. Our products ensure absolute reliability and maximum system availability. Discover our world of IDENT products.







Data transmission /control components

In addition to the actual device technology, the transmission of data or the connection of the devices to a wide range of different fieldbus environments is becoming increasingly important and plays a decisive role in your system's ease of use and flexibility. Discover innovative connection concepts and universal configuration solutions that also reveal unexpected efficiency potentials

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