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           Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range for electrical and electronic installation concepts from the cabinet and the interface into the field.


All products are engineered down to the smallest detail to ensure they will work well not only with each other but also with your existing system.


Our wide variety of products allows you to build a system that meets your installation needs no matter whether you are talking about lowering installation and/or operating costs or simply putting together a more efficient machine.



Murrelektronik's cabinet components ensure optimum power management in machine and system installations

EMC Filters

Reduce Interference Emissions, Increase Interference Immunity

  •  Available for single and three phase power   supplies
  • Recommended for all fieldbus systems
  • Minimized health risk
  • Over voltage protection with monitoring
  • DIN rail or screw mounting
  • Easy to install


Optoelectronic Components

  • Made to last
  • No mechanical wear
  • No contact bounce times
  • Shortest switching times
  • Low input power
  • Silent operation
  • Small width:up to 10 A switching current - only 6.2 mm wide
  • Models with switching frequencies of up to 500 kHz
  • Resistant to shock and vibrations
  • Resistant to EMC interference



  • efficiency up to 95 %
  • 150 % power Boost
  • practical metal housing



  • protects 24 V Dc systems
  • 90 % warning as digital signal
  • Shut off channels with control


Isolation transformers, safety transformers and autotransformers

  • Power range from 30 VA up to 50 kVA
  • Worldwide applications
  • Flexible and universal
  • Easy to install


Connection, Separation and Communication

Signal Towers and Status Lights with LEDs

  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting
  • LEDs help save energy
  • Excellent luminous efficacy
  • M12 or spring clamp connection
  • Modular design
  • Protected up to IP69K



  • for service work
  • Ip65 protection
  • Modular Inserts

MSDD Hybrid Fieldbus Coupling

Transfer Data and Powe

  •  Quick installation
  • Easy service
  • Protected by galvanic separation
  • Baud rate change during operation
  • Repeater and coupling in one part
  • Suitable for Profibus FMS/DP


Solutions for All Applications


  • Short I/O cables to valves and sensors
  • Built in T connection for power and communication make installation easy
  • Select from predefined or configurable I/O module

MVK Metal

  • Short I/O cables to valves and sensors
  • Pluggable connections
  • Avoids wiring errors
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Don’t look for errors, find them
  • Resistant metal housing and rugged design
  • Shock and vibration resistant


  • Flat Cables Take I/O Systems Into the Field
  • MASI67 is a very flexible installation concept for machine building. Attached to locations on the flat AS-i cable.
  • Murrelektronik MASI67 modules are fully potted and tested for IP67 applications


Murrelektronik is a leading supplier of cordsets, with an almost infinite variety of cable types, colors and connector styles.

Field-wireable connectors

  • Soldering connection, screw-clamp or Insulation Displacement connectors (IDC)
  • Straight and angled
  • Shielded and unshielded
  • Easily matched to sensor and actuator cables
  • M8, M12, 7/8", M23, RJ45 connectors

Sensor Actuator Cables

  • 100% factory tested
  • Gold plated contacts
  • IP67 rated as standard
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • UL, CSA certified cable types
  • UL 2238 certified assemblies
  • RoHS Compliant


Increased Connection Capacity

  • M8 and M12 styles available
  • Mixed models for connecting different plugs
  • With many different pin configurations
  • Models with LEDs for status indication
  • Shielded and unshielded models
  • Smart mounting solutions